CMC Vellore Online Registration for the New Patient

CMC Vellore Online Registration

CMC Vellore Online Registration

If you are planning to visit CMC Hospitals, Vellore and intend to fix an appointment for the first time ever, you have to complete CMC Vellore online registration process first. I think the easier and more convenient way to take an appointment in CMC is through online than offline. It also helps to reduce stay at Vellore because you already know the exact schedule.

Nowadays it is very easier to take CMC Vellore online appointment. At first, you have to get yourself registered to CMC Patient Portal. Hence, you need to fill up a one-time online registration form. Moreover, you have to enter your name, address and contact info there. After completing the CMC Vellore online registration process, you can proceed to make an appointment. So, Let’s start.
NB:  If you have already visited the hospital earlier as a patient to any clinic or department of CMC Vellore, you need not go through the registration process. In this case, if you further want to book an appointment to any other clinic or a repeat appointment to CMC Vellore, you just log into the Patient Portal with your Hospital ID or Hospital Number.

CMC Vellore Online Registration for New Patient Step by Step Guide

CMC Vellore Online Registration
  • Step 1: Click the link here CMC hospitals site to visit the CMC Patient Portal Shown in the image above.
  • Step 2: Click the link on “New Patient (First time to CMC)?”

You will be redirected to a new page as below.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment
  • Step 3: Here, you have to tick the box before the “I HAVE READ AND AGREED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS”.
  • Step 4: Now, click the PROCEED button.

Again you will reach to another new page to fill your personal details.CMC Vellore Online Appointment



  • Step 5: Thereafter, you need to enter your personal details here such as Name, Address, Mobile number, email ID, Date of Birth, etc. Hence, after filling the form carefully you have to hit the submit button. 
On submitting the filled in form, you will get a user id and a password. Besides, you can continue to select your doctor and payment procedure. Else, you may do that on later, if you wish, by logging into the CMC Patient Portal with the user id and password you got after CMC Vellore Online Registration for the New Patient.
So, you must write it down the user id and password and keep it safe for future use.
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