CMC Vellore Online Appointment for Old Patient

If you are already a patient of CMC hospital, Vellore, you must have a hospital number. You need your Hospital number and year of birth to book CMC Vellore Online appointment for old patient.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment for Old Patient

CMC Vellore Online appointment for old patient -A full guide

Hospital number is nothing but a patient’s ID number. However, you can find your hospital number in your Chris card. Most importantly, make sure the hospital number readily available with you while taking  CMC hospital Vellore repeat appointment.

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There are several ways to make a repeat appointment in CMC Vellore. The most convenient option is to go online. To start follow the steps below

Click here to visit the CMC Patient Portal. Now, fill the details and login to the CMC Patient Portal.

You need to provide PATIENT ID and four-digit password to login to the Portal service. Here, patient id is the hospital number and the password is the year of birth of the patient. After providing such details you have to click the login button.

Booking CMC Vellore online appointment for old patient

CMC Vellore repeat appointment

You are directed to the homepage at CMC Patient Portal as soon as you hit the login button with the proper credential. For instance, if your page does not look alike the picture above, you can click on the words “CMC Patient Portal”.

Then, you will find the page containing your details like name, age, gender etc. There you will get three options.

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Payments
  3. Services

Press the “book an appointment” button to get CMC Vellore online appointment.

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Next, the page with heading “General instructions to book online appointments” will open. Now, you have to tick the checkbox for terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and proceed to CMC Vellore online appointment for old patient.

After that, you will find two sections – 1. Frequently visited clinics and 2. Other clinics as shown in the picture below:

CMC Vellore appointment
CMC Vellore appointment

You will find here the name of clinics that you already visited earlier with the name of doctors. Besides, you can also find a calendar icon for checking availability date for CMC Vellore repeat online appointment. Click the icon and you will be provided with two options. One is yes to continue with the same doctor. And second is no for a change your option form generate to private or private to general.

Find a full list of doctors at CMC Vellore here.

Therefore, click yes if you want to go with the same doctor in CMC Vellore online appointment. Next, select your preferred date and click book now link on the same row. 

Moreover, you can book CMC Vellore Online appointment for old patient in advance within the next 90 days. If all the slots are already booked for the next 90 days, you will be prompted with the message “Online Appointment not available for the next 90 days (Blocked or Full)”.

CMC Vellore online appointment
CMC Vellore online appointment

How to make a payment for CMC Vellore online appointment?

After completing the above process you will be directed to the payment option. Therefore, you can make your payment through net banking or debit card or your Chris card balance for CMC Vellore online appointment.

Take a print out of online booking slip for CMC Vellore repeat appointment. Even, you can download it and take the print out later on. Because the appointment booking slip needs to be produced at the MRO counter at the stipulated date and time.

Thus, you can take CMC Vellore Online appointment for old patient.

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