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Are you planning to visit CMC Vellore and seeking appointment to orthopaedic doctors there? Most importantly, you must have searched for ‘who is the best orthopaedic doctor in CMC Vellore?’. You will get your answer here. Before fixing your appointment, you may have a look at CMC Vellore Orthopaedic Doctors List below. As a result, you can take your decision aptly to whom you will make the appointment.

List of Top and Best Orthopaedic Doctors in CMC Vellore

Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu is popularly known as CMC Vellore. The Hospital has eleven destinations and serves more than 2000 inpatients and 8,000 outpatients day by day, with 67 wards, 92 centres every day and more than 150 units. The name CMC Vellore is itself a brand today. Not only that, but all the doctors attached to CMC are also topmost in their arena.

CMC Vellore ortho doctors list

  • V.TK Titus, D.OrthoM.S.Ortho. Dip NB.Ortho
  • Pradeep M.Poonnoose, D.Ortho M.S.Ortho, Dip NB Ortho, Dip NB PMR Dip PMR(RCP)
  • Anil Thomas Oommen, M.S.Ortho DNB Ortho, MNAMS, RORF Fellow (Fellow in Adult Reconstruction, HSS, New York)
  • Siddharth Jain, M.S. Ortho
  • Jerry George, M.S. Ortho
  • Hariharan. T.D., Ortho, M.S Ortho
  • Sai Prasanth, GT, Dip.NB ORtho
  • Chandy. V.J. D. Ortho, M.S Ortho
  • Alfred J.Daniel, D. Ortho, DNB, MS. Ortho
  • Thilak Jepegnanam, D.Ortho, M.S. Ortho MMedSc(Otogo)
  • PRJVC Boopalan, D.Orth, M.S. Orth
  • Viju Daniel Varghese, D. Ortho, MS Ortho
  • Abel Livingston, DNB, M.S.Ortho
  • Sumant Samuel, M.S Ortho
  • Kaushik Bhowmick, D. Ortho, M.S Ortho

 CMC Vellore Orthopaedic Doctors List (Paediatric Orthopaedics)

  • Vrisha Madhuri, D.Orth, M.S Orth, M.Ch Orth (L Pool)
  • Thomas Palocaren, D.Orth, M.S Orth
  • Abhay Gahukamble, D.Orth, M.S Orth, DNB Orth
  • Deeptiman James, M.S. Orth
This updated List of orthopaedic doctors can help you when you will take a new or repeat appointment in CMC Vellore. If you like you can get a FULL LIST OF ALL THE DOCTORS OF ALL THE DEPARTMENTS IN CMC VELLORE by clicking here. Thanks for reading.

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