CMC Vellore ENT specialist Doctors list

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CMC Vellore ENT specialist Doctors list

ENT Doctors CMC, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

The name Christian Medical College Vellore or CMC Vellore is itself a brand today. Not only that, but all the doctors attached to CMC are also topmost in their arena. Here is the list of top and best ENT doctors in CMC Vellore.

Top & best ENT (Skull Head & Neck Base) doctors in CMC Vellore

  1. Regi Thomas, DLO., DNB
  2. Rajan Sundaresan, DLO, MS
  3. John Mathew, DLO, MS
  4. Ranjeetha Rachel Gokuldas, DLO, MS

ENT / Pediatric ENT

  1. Ajoy Mathew Varghese, MS DNB
  2. Mary John, MS DLO DNB, PhD
  3. Naina Picardo, MS DLO, PDF (Ped. ENT)
  4. Syed Kamran Asif, MS, PDF (Ped. ENT)

ENT / Nose and Sinus Clinic

  1. Rupa Vedantam, M.S, D.L.O
  2. Regi Kurien, M.S, DOHNS (Eng)
  3. Lalee Varghese, M.S, DNB, D.L.O

How to Contact CMC Vellore Doctors

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How to get treatment in CMC Vellore

I think making an online appointment CMC Vellore is an easier and wiser way than doing the same offline. It helps to reduce stay at Vellore because you already know the exact schedule. Visit CMC Vellore Patients Portal to book your desired appointment online.

If you are NEW to CMC Vellore and asking for a CMC Vellore Online Appointment for the first time, you may directly contact with the details provided above or read the step-by-step guide here.

If you are already a patient of CMC hospital and want a review or repeat visit, you need your hospital number and year of birth to book a CMC hospital Vellore repeat appointment.

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